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New England's Finest Pre-Owned Furniture

Furniture Consignment Gallery (FCG) Refund, Return & Shipping Policy

COVID 19 Addendum

Curbside Pick-Up: Online orders may be cancelled with a full refund under the following conditions:

  • The order must be cancelled within 5 days from the purchase date or the sale is final.
  • Should the customer take possession of purchased merchandise prior to the 5-day refund expiration period, the sale is final. Possession is the point when a buyer loads purchased items into their vehicle and exits from FCG property.
  • The refund period offers buyers a (5) day window to inspect an item before taking possession.

  • Local Delivery:

  • At the time of the delivery an item can be refused for a refund minus a 10% restocking fee. The delivery fee cannot be refunded unless the order is canceled prior to delivery.
  • Once the item is delivered and the delivery team leaves the delivery residence, the sale is final.
  • This COVID 19 addendum does not apply to shipping. Once the shipper takes possession, the sale is final.

    Return & Shipping Policy


    Many of the items at Furniture Consignment Gallery (FCG) shown on our website are pre-owned. Therefore, it is our recommendation that buyers take the time to visit our locations to view and inspect items of interest in person. We are happy to offer our opinion about an item’s condition, appearance, and quality. However, buyers see items in different ways. Our standards for condition, quality and appearance may be different than our buyer’s standards. Therefore, it is very important that buyers perform their own due diligence by inspecting items in person. FCG will not be held responsible for any claims about condition or quality.

    Authentication: We rely on our consignors, research and our personal familiarity with items to determine their authenticity. Many pieces are branded or labeled, and we often put our best guess about the period of an items circa, its provenance, manufacturer’s name, etc. It is the responsibility of the buyer to authenticate items to their satisfaction. We will gladly provide additional photos and closeup photos and to answer questions to the best of our abilities, but will be held harmless if any discoveries about branding and authentication are discovered after purchase. It is the buyer’s responsibility to authenticate items to their satisfaction prior to purchase.

    Measurements: FCG employees take time and care to provide measurements to buyer’s and measurements are listed for each item. We are happy to re-measure and to double check measurements prior to purchase, but will be held harmless if an item is delivered and the measurements are different than those that were provided on our website. Buyers should double-check measurements prior to purchase to confirm that an item will clear a doorway or fit properly in a specified area.


    Local Pickup and Delivery

    Local Delivery: FCG offers an in-house, fee based, local delivery service that is available within a 50 mile radius of our three stores. Our fees depend on the number of items, the size of the pieces, the location and the difficulty of the move. Items requiring assembly may require additional fees. Some items may be too large for our two man crews to handle. Some moving environments require moving techniques and equipment that are beyond our capabilities. If at any time our moving team feels that a moving environment puts our crew members, the merchandise or the residence at risk, we reserve the right to abandon the job. For these situations, the buyer would need to employ a third party moving company. Buyers are responsible for determining the difficulty of the move and providing details to our Delivery Manager. In the case that proper details are given and the move environment proves to be too challenging or risky, FCG will abandon the move effort. FCG will not be responsible for any future moving fees that a buyer would incur from a third party moving company.

    FCG is happy to provide a list of local third party moving companies to handle move jobs that require time-lines that we cannot meet, a level of sophistication or a moving environment that poses risk of any kind.

    To determine local delivery options and pricing, please contact the host store of where items are being sold. If your delivery includes multiple pieces from multiple stores, any of the host stores can assist.

    Customer Pick-up: Items are available for pick-up in the location of the host store. FCG does not staff movers in any of our locations. Items must be picked up between 10AM-4PM Monday through Saturday and are available for pick-up on Sundays between 12-4. Buyers should coordinate with the host showroom about their plans for arrival and pick-up. Buyers should come prepared with proper manpower and packing supplies to load and pack items to their satisfaction. Buyers should be fully prepared to move, load and pack to their purchased items to their satisfaction. FCG does not provide packing supplies including, but not limited to moving blankets, shrink wrap, tape or tie down materials.

    Short Term Storage: Items are available for pick-up for five calendar days following purchase. Items not picked up within 5 days are transferred to FCG’s long term storage from where a local delivery can be scheduled (see section on local delivery). Items that are not coordinated for delivery or pick-up within 14 calendar days are subject to short-term storage fees. Short term storage rates are $5 per day per item.

    Long Term Storage: It is possible to arrange for long-term storage. Long term storage rates are calculated on a monthly basis and are based on the number of items and area that that the items consume. Items in long term storage require local or third-party delivery only. Buyers cannot pick-up merchandise from long term storage.

    Store Transfer of Items: Items purchased from one store cannot be transferred to another store for pick-up. Items cannot be transferred from one store to another for viewing. Items must be sold, viewed and picked-up from the host store only. No exceptions.

    Long Distance Shipping

    Long distance shipping is required for any item traveling outside of a 50 mile radius from our stores. long distance shipping must be handled by third party moving and storage or shipping companies. FCG is happy to provide a list of third party businesses that can assist in this area.

    Nationwide Shipping: For items being shipped around the Continental United States, a third party moving company is required. FCG is able to provide a list of companies that our customers have used. We can provide measurements and approximate weight so that shippers can quote rates. Some shippers require items to be crated prior to shipping. FCG does not crate items, but can provide a list of third party crating companies.

    International Shipping: Buyers requiring international shipping are responsible for identifying and coordinating all aspects of the international shipping. FCG will make the merchandise available for an international shipper to pick the items up during mutually agreed upon specified hours.