1. Minimum of a 60 day consignment period. After 60 days on the sales floor, the consignor has the option to retrieve the item, or to extend the consignment period.
  2. MARKDOWN SCHEDULE: After 30 days on the sales floor the price of the item will drop by 10% of the original sale price.
  3. FCG pays the consignor 50% of the item’s sale price for the first 60 days of the consignment period. After 60 days, the consignor share changes to 30% and FCG's commission for handling the sale becomes 70% until the item sells, is removed by the consignor or contract expiration. After (1) year from the received date, the consignment agreement expires and items may be removed from inventory by FCG without notice for the purpose donation or disposal. FCG will not provide consignors with any documentation for donations.
  4. Items may be removed prior to 60 days at a fee of 25% of the original sale price. Consignors may choose to remove the item from FCG after 60 days without penalty. When reclaiming items, consignors are responsible for transportation, scheduling and any related costs.
  5. A buyer’s premium of $4.99 is added to the ticketed sale price for items priced under $45.00. For items priced over $45.00, a buyer’s premium of $9.99 is added to the ticketed sale price.
  6. Commission checks are issued on the 20th of each month for the prior calendar month’s sales. Unclaimed checks shall be mailed at the end of each month
  7. There is a $5.00 website listing fee that is deducted from account proceeds for each item once the item is photographed and added to the website.
  8. Consignor agrees to allow FCG to act as its selling agent. FCG has the exclusive right to negotiate with buyers and to conduct impromptu sale events, notwithstanding the scheduled price adjustments.


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