At FCG, We Work Hard to Give You the Shopping Experience You Want

With her phone pressed tightly to her ear, she strutted through our showroom, visiting every corner with practiced efficiency, her high heels clicking in brisk syncopation. Her eyes darted over every item, searching for something special for one of her many design projects.  

Then, without so much as a nod or a word to any of us, she completed her rounds and vanished out the door. Total time at FCG: six minutes. And the phone never left her ear.

She’s a regular weekly visitor, and that’s her routine. Focused intensely on the hunt, she has no time for small talk. The phone is a prop, implying she’s on an important call and not to be interrupted. We’re pretty sure there is no call, but we get the message. She’s here for the furniture and she doesn’t want to be bothered.

At FCG, we understand. Because our inventory changes so rapidly – sometimes by the hour – some of our most loyal customers do what we’ve dubbed “fly-bys.” That is, they drop by our stores once or twice a week just to check out what’s new.

We watch carefully for cues so they get exactly the shopping experience they want. Some, like the designer, speed through our showrooms quickly and wordlessly on their way to yoga or the office. Others like to get to know our staffers and chat when they visit. Some shoppers even ask us to help them in their hunt for a particular piece of furniture. So we will alert them if their special item comes into FCG.

At FCG, our staff is not on commission. So you’re never going to get the hard sell or the insincere chatter that so many shoppers encounter – and dread – at traditional furniture stores. Our staffers do take a keen interest in every piece of furniture in our stores. They’ll share that knowledge, but only if you want.

Whether you’re just browsing or on a treasure hunt, whether you have a big project or a small one, whether you say hello or not, we promise to get to know you and deliver you the shopping experience you desire. You can put away the cell phone, Madame Designer. We’ve got your number.

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