Magic Happens at FCG When a Special Piece of Furniture Finds the Right Home

Almost twenty years ago this September, Diana and I decided the time was right to adopt a dog. Cade, age four, and Collin, age two, were begging for a puppy so we hopped in the car one fine fall day and took a drive. A family had placed a classified ad in the Boston Globe offering puppies for adoption, Boxers to be precise. 

When we arrived, we were greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm by a rambunctious pack of four-legged friends. Turns out, there were two litters, and every puppy was ready for a new home. Two-year-old Collin seemed like the most approachable target, maybe because he was closer to the floor. The puppies pounced on him, knocking him down to lick his face. Then, in an instant, they sped off to greet another family.

But one puppy stayed behind. With great gentleness, she snuggled up to Collin as if she wanted to make sure he was okay. We named her Casey, and she was our family dog for many years. She proved to be every bit the guardian and friend over the years that she was that first day we met her.

We had set out on a mission to find a family dog, but, the truth is, Casey found us.

I hadn’t thought about the puppy adoption process in quite some time until this week when one of our customers posted a comment on our website. With pride, she said she’d “adopted” a beautiful dresser from our Hanover store many years ago and it was still a fine accent piece in her home.

Maybe acquiring furniture is a little like an adoption process. Here at Furniture Consignment Gallery, we think of ourselves as caretakers of the finest pre-owned furniture in New England. We buff and polish and arrange these pieces on the showroom floor to highlight their best features in order to help them find new homes. 

But I must admit I really like the idea of our customers adopting consignment furniture just like our family adopted Casey. Why? I guess it’s because I believe that furniture becomes a part of your home. Certain pieces help create warmth, security, and comfort. Think of all the holiday photos you’ve taken with your family and friends gathered around that dining table.

For those of you looking to adopt some furniture, I suggest you start your journey at one of our three stores in Hanover, Plymouth, or Natick. Open the front door and take a moment to warm up to the idea that there might just be a very special piece of furniture waiting for you within those walls. Then stroll around our curated inventory and let that piece find you. Believe me, that kind of magic happens all the time at FCG.

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