Farewell and Good Riddance to 2021 – and, Hopefully, Covid

“I’ll be home for Christmas, you can count on me … “


Well, not this year.


All five of us were dressed in our holiday best on Christmas Eve, no small feat when you’re dealing with three adolescent boys. The car was loaded with gifts and food for our traditional Italian feast at Grandma’s. Not a sniffle nor a sneeze had been heard in our household for months. Then, in an instant, the festivities were canceled.


The test results came back. One of us was positive for Covid.


Few things in life are as grim as exchanging potluck dishes in the dim light of a parking lot in front of an empty Home Depot. Back home, we shucked our dress clothes and pulled on pajamas for a feast that was as quiet and lonely as last year.


Christmas 2021, what a disappointment! Here’s hoping for a Covid-free 2022.


Things were far from quiet this week at Furniture Consignment Gallery, though. Our delivery trucks have been ferrying many loads of high-quality furniture from three houses owned by a very exclusive golf course outside of Boston. The homes are being redecorated, so all the furniture is being consigned with FCG.  


Each home boasts four bedrooms filled with furniture from the top brands in the U.S: Henredon, Ralph Lauren, Theodore Alexander, and Arnold Palmer’s line sold by Lexington. The living rooms had been outfitted with buttery-soft leather pieces including recliners, sofas, ottomans, and benches. We got more than 40 gorgeous oriental rugs in rich colors. Also included were beautifully framed golf prints, lamps, and other accessories.


Vibrant oriental rug and saddle-brown leather sofas are classics for a reason; they warm up every home. This lavish stash of furniture gives our customers an extraordinary opportunity. Create a man cave that will torch your husband’s testosterone. Redo a living room. Renovate that log cabin in the mountains.


You’ll see these items popping up on our website in the next few days, but here’s my advice: don’t wait. This furniture will fly out of our stores as quickly as it appears in the showrooms. The furniture is being split between our stores in Hanover and Plymouth. Most of the rugs are in Hanover, the accessories are Plymouth.


FCG is continuing our 15% off holiday sale in stores and online today. On Sunday, that discount will apply only to online purchases. Happy New Year to all our wonderful customers and consignors. We wish you all health, prosperity, and immunity for 2022.

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