Gone In a Flash: Fourth of July Fireworks and Our Incredible 15% Off Sale

Happy days are here again!


Fueled by s’mores, the kids will be outside late into the night playing flashlight tag and kick-the-can this weekend. Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles will be relaxing after their ferocious pickleball battles. There will be campfires, sunshine, fireworks, barbeque, and fun, all to honor our nation’s Independence Day.


Here’s one more thing to celebrate before you keep your promise to turn off the laptop and silence your cell phone: a flash sale at FCG. Just like the Fourth, it will be over far too soon so don’t miss it!


Take 15% off today when you are shopping online or in our showrooms. All three stores are closed Sunday and Monday, but you can sneak off and hop online to shop some more. You’ll be saving 15% until the end of the holiday.


Yes, your schedule is full of fun this weekend from whale watching to mojitos on a blanket in the park while fireworks fill the sky. But you won’t want to miss our sale especially when we are loaded with extraordinary furniture including sofa beds for those unexpected summer visitors.


We’re celebrating freedom this weekend. So feel free to browse our amazing selection of high-quality furniture and create the home of your dreams – at 15% off.

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