Good Dog Gone Bad? No, Roxie Returns to a Life of Crime for Sentimental Reasons

Years ago when she was a pup, Roxie, our family dog, went through a phase in which she seemed determined to pursue a life of crime. Our front lawn was strewn constantly with contraband: delicious bones, toys, and remnants of five-star doggie dinners. She’d found a canine Ritz Carlton, and she was robbing it daily.


Turns out, the victim was her best friend, our neighbor’s dog, another Boxer named Riley. Roxie had figured out how to open the front door of the neighbor’s house and slip in and out, unnoticed. I took out a second mortgage and installed an “invisible fence.” That seemed to deter our little thief – until last week.


Suddenly, Roxie was back to her life of larceny. This time, she was burying the loot in our front yard. Diana, my wife, could read the canine criminal mastermind. “She knows something is going on over there,” Diana said darkly. “She knows they are moving.”


Our beloved neighbors are selling their home. They’re moving and so is Roxie’s best pal Riley. Unhappy at this unexpected loss, Roxie has been attempting to steal a few mementos.


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