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Newly installed, Muriel’s window treatments were as elegant as a red-carpet ballgown. They were perfectly coordinated with the color palette of the room. The drapes hung in soft, voluptuous folds. They were crowned by a regal valence. And, yet, Muriel was not happy, not happy at all.


With a magnifying glass and a yardstick, Muriel was fretting over the distance between the hem of a drapery panel and the floor. One panel, she feared, might be a fraction of an inch higher than another. Diana, my wife and the interior designer who had designed the window treatments, had been summoned to the house three times to discuss the issue.


Clearly, if there was a difference, it couldn’t be seen with the naked eye. That’s one of the biggest challenges for an interior designer: reassuring the fussbudget client who fears a loose thread or a tiny scuff – real or imagined – that might mar the hoped-for perfection of a newly decorated room.


‘Tis the season to fret and fuss. January seems to bring out the nitpicker in all of us especially now as we endure the dreary third wave of the pandemic. Housebound, it’s all too easy to start obsessing about all those small things that bug us about our homes.


That flattened sofa cushion wasn’t a problem last spring when we were breezing in and out of the house. The stain on the carpet where the dog coughed up a sock wasn’t a bother in July. The dated paint colors, the dripping sink, and the running toilet barely rated a shrug until now. In January, suddenly everything grates on the nerves.


No wonder February is the busiest month of the year for home decorating. This weekend, with a forecast of snow and record freezing temperatures, you may want to tackle some of the most pressing issues.


Take a trip to FCG. Replace that old and scratched side table with something chic and polished. What about a reclining chair to replace the broken one? How about swapping a modern rug for the stained and worn one in your family room?


FCG has all the solutions you could possibly want for your real – or imaginary – problems with your home. Bundle up and visit our threes stores today. Or shop our inventory online. Either way, FCG can help spark your creativity and help you feel more, well, homey at home.Jay

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Debbie Kestner

Debbie Kestner

“coughing up a sock”….LOL….HA!
After a great purchase experience way back in 2015, I continue to read your "essays’ every Saturday…and continue to “shop” your stores, even though living in MISSOURI prevents me from buying…until that MUST HAVE item shows up & then I don’t care what the shipping costs.
Unbelievable inventory. LOVE.

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