Hollywood Has Come to FCG! Our Furniture Gets a Starring Role

Boston is a big star these days, at least as a location for movies and television series. Ben Affleck and George Clooney have been around town in recent weeks. So have Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and other luminaries. And while they were busy with makeup and wardrobe, their set designers were combing the inventory at FCG.


Yes, Hollywood has come to FCG.


Just about every week, a set designer or two will drop into one of our stores – or sometimes all three – to find furniture and accessories for a movie. Sometimes, they’re looking for ultra-contemporary furniture for a futuristic drama. (Here’s looking at you, Hunger Games.) Other times, they want homey items such as a farmhouse-style server for a family drama.


Working with set designers is exciting. They are typically on a tight deadline. Production delays, including snafus on the set, could cost millions if they hold up the show. That’s one of the reasons why designers say they love FCG. They know they can get what they see in our showrooms without a wait. After all, the show must go on.


We’re always happy to work with folks from Hollywood. When they buy our furniture and accessories, they’re not only getting great bargains, they’re also creating a fan base. Once the film or series is released, our staffers love to study every scene to see if they can find the items that had been in our showrooms.


Not long ago, we all tuned in to see the debut of a series whose set designer had visited FCG. We recognized a lamp that had been in the front window of our Natick store, a chaise from Plymouth, and a china cabinet from Hanover. That set designer had hit all three stores in a single day.


Every now and then, we’ll get an odd request. One set designer was looking for worn and faded upholstered sofas and chairs from the 1980s, apparently for a crime-boss series. Sorry to disappoint, Hollywood. That’s a category of pre-owned furniture you’ll never find at FCG.


Set designers are pretty secretive. They’ll rarely disclose any details about the film, but they might drop a few hints about the leading actor. (“He was in Footloose,” one designer confided, which set off a frenzy of speculation among the staff at FCG. That one was pretty easy to nail with a minimum of sleuthing: Kevin Bacon, currently starring in the popular Showtime series City on a Hill.)


At FCG. we have a lot in common with set designers. We’re always on the hunt for great furniture, we have a lot of fun pulling together scenes in our showrooms, and we’re just as passionate about our business as they are about their movies. Consign your fine furniture with FCG. You might just see it on the silver screen someday.

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