Naughty or Nice? The Advent Calendar Provides Santa All the Proof He Needs

Growing up, I found no tradition more excruciating than the annual Advent calendar at Christmastime.


My mom, on the other hand, loved that ritual. Every year, she bought one of those calendars that had small chocolate candies hidden behind little cardboard doors, one candy for every one of the 24 days from Dec. 1 until Christmas Eve.


Fun? Absolutely not. Consider the math: three boys, one calendar, one candy per day. Mom also insisted that we had to read aloud the cheesy saying printed on each cardboard door: “Santa was a droll little fellow with a pipe.” Thus, we had to endure the month-long nightmare of taking turns for one paltry molded brown lump of candy every three days.


Eventually, we cracked under the pressure of this chocolate rationing, typically after two weeks of torture. One of us boys would make some unfounded accusation under his breath or comment sneeringly on the size or form of the candy, setting off a brotherly brawl.


Inevitably, we’d destroy not only the calendar but the spirit of the occasion. Which, in my mom’s fondest hopes, would be peace on earth – or at the very least, in her kitchen. There were kicks, jabs, punches, and insults thrown. Finally, when she’d had enough of the chaos, she’d holler, “Take it outside!”  


Hopefully, your holiday season is proceeding with far less drama. Yes, Christmas can be stressful. Who hasn’t been banged up by someone’s shopping cart while racing to beat out the competition for the last holiday ham at the supermarket? Even Mr. and Mrs. Claus must be tired of making the list and checking it twice by now. What everyone needs, in my opinion, is a treat.


So here’s a thought. Make a beeline for the nearest FCG. We’ve got three stores in Hanover, Plymouth, and Natick, all flush with the highest quality consignment furniture in New England. Toss your Christmas list aside for a moment and start thinking of ways to make your home more livable, more enjoyable, more comfortable. After all, Advent calendars aside, peace on earth starts at home.

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