Reluctant to Shed Those Fuzzy Slippers to Shop? Visit FCG Online

From pumpkins to cranberries, there is no shortage of shortages these days. One thing that isn’t in limited supply? Excuses to stay home blessedly alone this Thanksgiving.


“We were going to my niece’s home for turkey,” one of our salesmen confided, “but her husband was exposed to Covid, so we’re on our own!” “Darn!” he added with a gleeful grin, making it obvious that he was delighted to dodge that annual social obligation.


In this age of Covid, it is getting harder to remember when we last gathered as friends, families, and neighbors to celebrate holidays. Our sense of time is getting blurry. Was it last year we had the big family Thanksgiving with cranky Uncle Harry? How long ago was it that your brother-in-law told those off-color jokes after a few too many beers? Many of us, like our salesman, share a secret relief that we’ve some freedom from forced get-togethers, thanks to the pandemic.


Another thing we’ve all realized after nearly two years of lockdown is that shedding the comfy pajamas and moccasins is getting harder and harder. Even the relaxed uniform of business casual is a casualty of working remotely. Lipstick sales fell 50% in 2020 and 2021. Home is definitely where the heart is – and the hooded sweatshirt, the flannels, and the fuzzy socks.


At FCG, we are changing with the times. We offer an online shopping experience that is unrivaled in the realm of pre-owned home furnishings. Newly consigned furniture is posted within hours of entering our showrooms. We provide crisp photographs from multiple angles that allow shoppers to see quality construction – and the occasional ding – up close. 


We offer no pretense of perfection or warranties on our inventory of pre-owned furniture. Smart buyers do their own research, but we’re always available to answer questions about any piece in our stores or online by phone or email.


If cabin fever sets in and you feel the urge to get dressed and brave the elements, you can still visit us IRL (that’s in real life) at FCG. Masks are optional and we love to see your bright eyes and smiling faces. So if you see an item online, come check it out in person. Or see it in our store and study it more closely later online. Whatever keeps you cozy and comfortable while you are shopping this holiday season, FCG is happy to oblige.

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