Renovation Fever Soars All Over New England, and FCG Has the Remedy

Stuck at home for yet another summer, leery of travel and indoor events amid a resurgence of Covid, Boston’s elite have made a sport of buying, selling, and redecorating second homes.


“If I’m going to be stuck at home, I want to love the place,” one of our customers said the other day. She’d stopped by to sell a custom sideboard that wasn’t quite right for her home. A local designer said her clients were echoing similar sentiments. She was renovating a kitchen she’d redone only a year earlier. But the home had been sold and the new owners had a very different style in mind.


Renovating isn’t easy these days, though. Fabric is in short supply. Appliances are back-ordered until next winter in some cases. Homeowners are waiting months for furniture to arrive, all because of pandemic-related disruptions.


All this means big opportunities for smart resale shoppers. Savvy renovators and designers who need to furnish a home now know where to go for the highest quality pre-owned furniture and accessories: FCG.


Our three stores are chock-full of barely used custom pieces that were cast off in the hottest real estate market in decades. Many of these pieces were designed by talented interior designers using fabrics sourced from unique places. Created for high-end homes all over New England, the furniture offers amazing attention to detail and craftsmanship.


New, the prices of these exquisite pieces were sky-high. In our three showrooms, you’ll find these pieces are extraordinary bargains. When Boston’s poshest estates renovate and redecorate, you, our customers, are the winners.


These days, with renovations happening at warp speed from Beacon Hill to Cape Cod and beyond, FCG is filling our stores with nearly new furniture every week. Boston’s top designers know an important secret: Furniture Consignment Gallery is the place to buy and sell the most fabulous furniture of every style.

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