Roxie, the Family Dog, Discovers the Power of Protest When She Stages a Canine Sit-In

With his belly full of turkey from Thanksgiving, some homemade goodies in a brown bag and a few bucks borrowed from the Bank of Dad, Cade, our oldest son, was ready to go back to college. When you’re 21, you can tolerate only a few days with the family. Back on campus, there was freedom, fun, friends and – oh, yeah – finals.


His car was loaded and warmed up, a plume of white curling out of the tailpipe. Cade said his goodbyes and jumped behind the wheel, eager to go, when he noticed something blocking his exit: Roxie, our eight-year-old Boxer.


Roxie had planted herself in the middle of the driveway behind his car, sitting with what seemed to be a proud disregard for our son’s urgent desire to get going. We called her to get out of the driveway. She wouldn’t budge. Her canine sit-in was completely silent – and effective.


Cade hopped out of his car and, picking her up, placed her on the lawn. As soon as he jumped back in the driver’s seat and popped the car into reverse, Roxie darted back to her position of protest. We watched from the front steps with growing amusement as the cycle repeated itself. Over and over, Cade would haul Roxie out of the way only to see her in the rearview mirror again and again.


Finally, I had to intervene with a leash.


It’s hard to let a good thing go. Like Roxie, we all want to spend just one more moment with the people and the places and the things we love especially now when the days are growing shorter and we are all acutely aware of the passing of time. Home is infinitely precious.


At FCG, we’re fortunate to have gotten a large shipment of treasured items from the home of a wealthy consignor, including many unique pieces purchased from all over the world. This well-curated collection is extraordinary, including custom upholstered pieces with specialty fabrics, decorative chests, dining sets, bedroom furniture, mirrors and lamps that cost a literal fortune.


This collection, I imagine, was difficult for the consignor to let go. We’re honored to be a temporary home for the collection, which features over 100 items most of them in our store in Natick.


So stunning are these furnishings that we might have a momentary urge to block your exit once you’ve bought a piece from the collection. You won’t need the leash, I promise. We’ll remind ourselves that these pieces are getting a new home for the holidays.

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