When the Thanksgiving Leftovers are Gone, Check Out the Flamin’ Hot Deals This Weekend at FCG

“We roast our turkey upside down,” one of our delivery men confided as if disclosing a dark family secret. “Did it by accident one year, and it was so good that’s how we do it now.”


Apparently, there are a thousand ways to cook a turkey and everyone is a top chef come November. Most of us spent the last week listening politely as friends, family and complete strangers divulged their preferences for quirky turkey. I heard of another culinary nightmare that requires a block of Velveeta and a dusting of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. No thank you.


How ever you cooked your bird, Thanksgiving 2021 is in the books. Now, it’s time to raid the fridge for leftovers and start planning for Part Two of the Holiday Season. Maybe things are starting to get back to normal again.


To kick off your holiday shopping, FCG should be on the top of your to-do list. Unlike traditional retailers, our stores are chock-full of inventory and you can take your purchases home today or have them delivered. You also get 15% off on everything in our stores now through the close of business on Cyber Monday. 


Just like those leftovers, this deal won’t last. And be aware: the good stuff goes fast. We’re closed on Sunday, but you can still buy online and save 15%.

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