Why Consignment is One of the Hottest Trends Today – and Why FCG is Leading the Way

First, some good news. Quality is back in style in the furniture market. It’s a welcome change.


For years, consumers had stuffed their homes with cheap, poorly made furniture as quickly as they stuffed their closets with fast fashion. Sure, the stuff was trendy – farmhouse, modern, boho – and no one seemed to care that the sofa sagged, the shelves bowed or the table fell apart after a few years.


Then came the pandemic. Stuck at home for weeks or months on end, consumers realized the importance of furniture that is comfortable, durable and stylish. Even as the pandemic wanes this spring, work-from-home looks like a lasting trend for many of us. Consumers suddenly want to invest in making their homes livable.   


But – gulp! – buyers are suffering sticker shock. With raw materials in short supply, furniture factories are operating at half-capacity while demand is soaring. Many furniture makers have stopped churning out the cheap stuff. Their new focus is higher quality pieces and higher prices.


So, what does that mean for someone who needs a new sofa? Be prepared to pay more, probably a lot more. And be prepared to wait many, many months for delivery. Your living room could be as empty as an abandoned warehouse next Christmas.  


That’s why buying and selling furniture on consignment is such a smart idea now. For those selling, the resale market for luxury home furnishings is hot. Which means higher prices and faster sales.


For buyers, the benefits of shopping for consignment furniture are twofold: quality pieces at bargain prices and, significantly, no wait. Depending on the fabric and the configuration, a new sectional from Room & Board might cost as much as $16,000, and a buyer might wait months to get it. Gently used for a couple of years, that same sectional would be priced at around $4,000 at FCG.


Furniture Consignment Gallery is a leader in the market for high quality pre-owned furniture. Our three stores are filled to the brim with pieces of every style at prices that will astound you. Why wait months to create a room or a home that is stylish and comfortable? Shop FCG today.

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