Why FCG? You Can Take Home Your Furniture Today and Host That Holiday Dinner Tomorrow

I was shivering and the rain was running in rivulets off the bill of my baseball cap and down the side of my face, but I didn’t care. The dog was soaking wet. She didn’t care, either. We were hiking a trail in the woods. It was our daily escape from the family, every annoying one of them.


That daily walk – rain, shine, or snow – saved my sanity during the pandemic lockdown.


Our oldest son was taking a semester off from college so he didn’t have to endure the isolation of dorm lockdown. Our two other boys were attending zoom school at home. And my wife was losing her mind feeding and cleaning up after three hungry teens and one grumpy husband.


In retrospect, the lockdown wasn’t all bad. We had more family time than we’d had in years and we had fun watching movies and playing games together. Now, as the pandemic restrictions have eased, our boys are back to their routines of school, sports, and socializing.


The house seems so very quiet now.


Thankfully, that won’t last. Like a lot of other families who are trying to make up for lost time, we’re planning joyful celebrations for Easter and Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. We have a couple of graduations, too, and we’re excited at the thought of entertaining once again.


We’re sure that many of you share our anticipation – and our eagerness to spruce up after a long hibernation. That dining table that became a desk for the whole family during Covid? Maybe it’s time to replace it with something different. That sectional that got a little lumpy and stained during those marathon movie-watching weekends? That has got to go.


At FCG, we have a myriad of options for your home. Come into one of our three stores and take a look at our vast inventory of pre-owned furniture. Best of all, you can take your furniture home today and host that party tomorrow.

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Hello, I was looking at that Mahogany server and there wasn’t an area to comment by the piece itself. But I just wanted to say that I think that it’s lovely. One can tell it’s quality and it has a glow about it. It’s so different than most furniture today. While I can’t afford it right now – thanks for having this website so we can look and dream about things.

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