Will Stores' Bare Shelves Mean a Bleak Christmas? No, Thanks to FCG

Years ago, on the day after Christmas, I took our oldest son to a ski slope to try out the new skis he’d found under the tree. Cade was four years old and eager for adventure. I bundled him into his snowsuit, stuffed his little hands into mittens, laced up the ski boots, tied his scarf, and, lastly, settled the enormous helmet onto his bobbling head.

“We’re ready!” I said enthusiastically. “Time to ski!” Then I heard a tiny voice from inside the helmet. “Dad,” said Cade. “I have to go to the bathroom.”

There were a few more false starts after that. “Dad, I’m hungry!” “Dad, I’m too hot!,” Finally, we made it to the mountain. There, Cade teetered on his new skis, took a couple of falls, and declared with frustration that the elves had made the skis too slippery in their workshop at the North Pole. Then, poles flailing, he took off, careening down the mountain. I chased him to the bottom. He was triumphant. I was exhausted.

Over the years, those skis have been handed down to his two younger brothers then loaned to kids in the neighborhood. I’m not even sure whose garage they’re in now awaiting the first snowfall. Nearly twenty years later, there’s no telling how many tykes learned to ski on those skis.

Shiny new toys will be in short supply this year because of the pandemic and the supply-chain snafus it has caused all over the world. Smart shoppers are already on the hunt for gifts, combing resale stores and websites. Some of the more enterprising are calling friends and neighbors for unused or unwanted toys, games, and sports equipment. There’s a lot of ingenuity at work trying to supplement the meager haul from stores. 

Toys aren’t the only items in short supply. So are appliances, furniture, clothing, and even wine. FCG can help with the furniture. Are you desperately seeking a new dining table for Christmas dinner? Or a cozy chair for a loved one? Or maybe a new sofa for the family room? Our three stores are chock-full of items ready to take home today. This year, we’re working overtime to help Santa.

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